11th edition

Propriedade no Assunto

World Cup Special

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This 11th edition of the “Propriedade no Assunto” magazine (11 brings luck when it comes to the World Cup) reveals how intellectual property is directly involved with the sports business. Our associates have written texts that address topics as immersive as Vinicius Junior's dribbles, as accurate as Neymar's passes, as solid as Casemiro's protection, and as surprising as Richarlison's goals.

The special guest of the interview is the spokesman for the official FIFA account in Spanish for the Qatar World Cup, Tareq Al-Bader, who lived for five years in Brasilia when his father was Qatar's ambassador in the country between 2007 and 2011.

The Brands team wrote an article about the importance of branding for soccer clubs as millionaire intangible assets in the world and reveals, in numbers, how the potential of sports marketing could be further explored in Brazil. The text brings a case study on Flamengo, which built a history of titles on and outside the field, with the appreciation and registration of the brand as highly renowned.

The Patent team prepared an article on how technological innovations have impacted the World Cups of the last 10 years, since the famous Jabulani ball (2010), the technology of the goal line (2014) and the advent of the video referee, VAR (2018), and anticipates the news that shall arise in the Qatar Cup.

The Institutional and Government Relations (RIG) team addressed a topic that has got much notoriety in recent years in political science: Soft Power. The article explains what this theoretical concept means, the strategies that involve hosting sports mega-events to broaden international protagonism, in addition to the novelty of including the area of intellectual property in this context.

The Legal team organized a selection of themes and presented articles on (1) SAF (Portuguese acronym for Football Anonymous Society - Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) as an instrument for the professionalization of football management; (2) commercial strategies in the fight against piracy in football and (3) on the contractual reflexes of the "assignment" of the image right of professional athletes in electronic games.

Enjoy the reading to understand a little more about how and why competition dominates conversations, moods and the economy in several ways.


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